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A ruptured geyser is the only thing worse than your geyser driving up your power bill! Burst geysers are not only inconvenient, but they may also cause damage to your structure and furnishings, depending on where they are located.

Geyser Upgrades and Installations

Every geyser must have a drip tray beneath it and overflow pipes heading to the building’s outside. Geysers that lack safety valves and safety valve overflows must not be linked. Overflows from safety valves must be metallic. Vacuum breakers must be installed on the hot and cold water pipelines 300mm above the geyser.

Is your geyser in accordance with the aforementioned regulations? If you answered no, or if you have no clue… we offer a geyser check and update to safeguard the safety of your house or workplace, as well as your family.

Geyser Safety and Precautions

Burst geysers and other geyser problems not only cause structural damage, but they also offer electrical and water damage risks to you and your family. The energy stored within an overhead geyser can be comparable to half a kilogram of TNT dynamite, whether it is positioned in your ceiling, above your bath, or on an external wall.

One of the most serious issues is that homeowners are frequently unaware that their geysers are malfunctioning until it is too late and the harm has been done.

Geyser Safety Tips

Make sure your thermostat is not set to or above 70°C; this will prevent pressure from building up to the point where the safety valve needs to be released. The pressure can build up to the point where the tank ruptures if the safety or pressure release valves fail.

It is critical to ensure that your geyser is properly placed. A wrong installation might be quite hazardous. Using a reliable geyser installation firm is the best method to achieve this.

When you leave your house for a few days, turn off your geyser at the distribution board and disconnect the water supply to the tank. This will not only help you save money on your power bill, but it will also help you avoid floods.

Any house repair, including geyser installation, should always prioritize safety. Aside from ensuring that all of the necessary parts are present, there are numerous aspects to remember while installing a geyser. It is best to consult a competent professional if you are fixing your geyser and detect any of these problems.


A tiny circuit breaker should be included with your geyser heater. This protects the geyser unit from harm if too much energy is applied to it.

To avoid electrocution, switches should be placed away from water and insulated. These should be placed inside the walls. The installation site is critical for the safety of you or the professional inspecting the equipment.

Geyser Spacing

Electrical components that require grounding are accounted for in safe geyser fitting. They also take into account the geyser’s orientation, whether horizontal or vertical. Checking for a safe geyser installation includes determining if the pressure system is low (uncommon) or high.

If your geyser was correctly built, there should be room between the unit and the walls. There must also be enough height for robust water flow. Spacing is critical for professionals (or you) to inspect your geyser unit safely.

Why You Still Need a Professional

Geyser installation is not a simple task. To be done correctly, it needs a high level of competence, abilities, and understanding. Incorrect installations may be costly to fix and pose a significant safety concern.

Even if you believe you are qualified to perform your own geyser repairs, it is still necessary to have a professional evaluate your unit once. A professional assessment of your repairs or upkeep once a year is beneficial for you and your house.

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