Leak Detection and Repair

We notice what the human eye cannot. Underground Detection provides the skills, expertise, and cutting-edge equipment to uncover hidden underground issues. Our service includes the identification of subsurface water, services, and utilities, as well as invisible problems that you may or may not believe have a remedy.

Plumbing and Leak Repairs

So, before you excavate or drill, give us a call. There may be an alternative to excavation or breaking, or we may be able to determine the exact area for the best outcomes, saving you time, money, and aggravation.

When coping with a burst pipe, our rigorous leak detection services can help put your mind at ease. We understand how stressful it may be to have a broken pipe in your house, apartment, or building that is hidden or disguised in walls, floors, underground, or inside ceiling spaces.

It might be difficult not knowing how to deal with a leak, but Smart Call Plumbing Services is here to help with our leak detection services. Also, don’t forget that if you ever need a plumber in George, we’re the ones to call!

Not only are we able to exploit the use of modern day methods to trace the origin of the leak, we can provide a qualified interpretation of your insurance policy if this can be claimed back from your insurer.

You run the risk of just having partial coverage for a leak and not being able to claim your full entitlement if you do not use Smart Call Plumbing’s leak detection services. Our leak detection services also include managing your insurance claim, which includes locating the leak, performing emergency repairs, and ensuring that all relevant reports are compiled and received by the Insurers to ensure full reinstatement of your property.

Furthermore, we combine numerous leak detection technologies for both pressure and non-pressure pipe systems. However, our first port of contact is usually to have one of our professional plumbers undertake a site assessment to decide what the next possible step is.

Smart Call Plumbing Services has the equipment and knowledge to discover, locate, and fix any leak on any brand of pipe and/or fitting. With Smart Call Plumbing on the job, you can feel secure. We leave nothing to chance and will give you the essential professional leak detection and repair service.

Unseen leaks require specific treatment, and a typical plumber is often insufficient. If you suspect a concealed leak, be certain you’re communicating with the appropriate individual, who has the proper equipment and credentials. With considerable leak detection knowledge, invisible leaks are rapidly found with minimum interruption, saving you time and money and ensuring that not only is the leak expertly repaired, but that the site is returned to normal and clean after the operation is completed.

Leak Detection Specialists

Is your water meter spinning when no water is being used, or do you have an unusually large municipal bill?

If this is the case, please contact us. We’ve assisted homes, townhouse complexes, commercial and industrial buildings in detecting previously undetectable serious leaks underground and in concrete slabs, multi-level dwellings, flat roofs, bathroom walls and flooring.

We are experts in non-destructive testing procedures and continuous remote logging of water meters.

Subsurface Utility Detection & Inspection

Before drilling boreholes or civil projects, we assist property owners, contractors, and engineers by locating, tracing, or inspecting the subsurface to identify services such as underground plastic, copper, galvanized, and concrete pipes, as well as subsurface tanks, graves, and other buried objects that may be encountered.

Signs You May Have A Leak:

  • When nothing is turned on, you may hear a continual sound of water (like a toilet running).
  • When you are not using any water, the readout on your water meter changes. (Mark the indication on your meter, then wait an hour before checking the meter.) If the indication shifted, there might be a leak.)
  • Your water bill rises over the course of several weeks or months. (Compare your monthly bills.)
  • When nothing has been spilled, your walls or floors have soggy, spongy, moist, or discolored spots.
  • Odors might be detected emanating from floors or walls near drains or sewers.
  • For no apparent reason, your building’s foundation fractures, vegetation grows unevenly, or the soil changes.
  • Warm areas appear on your floor, particularly on concrete slab flooring.
  • You may sense increasing wetness from anywhere in or around your home.
  • Hot patches on your home’s floors might indicate a leaky hot water line.
  • Excessive leaks, drips, or discharge near your gutter regions might indicate a leaking overflow line from the hot water cylinder that protrudes through to the gutter.